We're sorry you're having trouble!  Please have a look at the following guides or read the following information which will help you navigate common problems.

Frequently Asked Questions and Common Problems

How do I login to my course?
For complete instructions on how to login and launch your course, view the How to Login & Launch Factsheet (en français).
My course doesn't launch! What do I do?
Pop-up blockers are the primary reason that a course will fail to launch. Please ensure your Pop-up Blocker is turned off when accessing a course.
  1. If you are using Internet Explorer, please disable your pop up blocker:
    • under Tools, Pop-Up blocker, choose turn off pop up blocker
    • if this doesn't not work, hold down the CTRL Button on your keyboard, at the same time you're clicking on "Launch" then let go of the CTRL Button.
  2. If you are using Safari, visit this website for step-by-step directions to help you turn off your popup blockers.
  3. If you are using Chrome, make sure the Allow all sites to show pop-ups is checked.
  4. If you are using Firefox - check out this YouTube video on how to turn off your popup blockers.
I cannot see the course on my IPAD?  What should I do?
At this time, our courses are not designed to run on iOS platforms. To ensure your course properly runs and records to the Learning Management System, it is strongly recommended that you use a desktop or laptop computer. If this is not an option, you may try the Puffin Free app -- this will allow you to view Flash-based courses, however please be advised that we do not provide support for this application and do not guarantee optimal viewing.
I’ve completed my course – how do I print a Certificate of Completion?
You can print a Certificate of Completion directly from your e-learning account. View the Printing Your Passport to Safety Certificate of Completion Factsheet (en français).
How can I get more help?
Contact support, Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm EST. If you have a question, please contact us by phone or email at the coordinates below:

Parachute Support Desk
Toll-Free Tel: 1-888-537-7777