Parachute Concussion Awareness for Parents


Smiling teacher at the school class.

Parents play a key role in conveying the importance of playing fair and respecting rules, implementing safety policies in sport clubs/teams, and raising awareness about the injuries that can happen during sport. An understanding of injury prevention strategies will help parents educate their children, and those who work with their children, about how to prevent and manage concussions.

With the aim of unpacking misconceptions about concussion, both in sport and the classroom, this course provides parents with an opportunity to examine concussion and each step of the Return to Play Protocol. At the completion of the course, parents will be able to identify the signs and symptoms associated with concussion, explain why a child with a suspected concussion must be removed from play immediately, and understand the importance of having the injured child be seen by a doctor.

Duration: 30 - 60 minutes

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